George Washington Ellis

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Born: Wednesday, April 26, 1854 in Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Died: Tuesday, April 9, 1929 in Granite City, Madison County, Illinois

Buried: Mt Pleasant Jerusalem Cemetery, Pomona, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 74 years 11 months 14 days


Father:Reuben Ellis An indication that this person has military service (1826/IL - 1890/IL)

Mother:Minerva Jane Lindsey (1828/KY - 1894/IL)


Sister: Mary Amine Ellis+ (1846/IL - 1879/KY)

Sister: Celia Ellen Ellis+ (1847/IL - 1907/IL)

Brother: Daniel T. Ellis+ (1848/IL - 1901/IL)

Sister: Jane Ellis (1849/IL - )

Brother: Johnson Ellis+ An indication that a portrait of this person is available (1851/IL - 1923/IL)

Brother: Lewis Ellis (1853/IL - )

Sister: Ellen Lutecia Ellis+ (1856/IL - 1932/IL)

Brother: William Henry Ellis+ (1858/IL - 1946/IL)

Brother: Reuben Ellis (1860/IL - 1922/MO)

Sister: Minerva Jane Ellis+ (1863/IL - 1950/IL)

Sister: Mary M. Ellis+ (1867/IL - 1912/IL)


Name: Rachel Montana Provence (1867/AL - 1951/IL)

  Date: 01/11/1883 (age: 28 years 8 months 16 days) - 04/09/1929 (death, 46 years 2 months 29 days)

  Place: Jackson County, Illinois


Daughter: Gertrude E Ellis (1884/IL - 1904)

Daughter: Bertha Jane Ellis+ (1886/IL - 1943/IL)

Son: Walter Ensign Ellis (1886 - 1951)

Daughter: Mary Frances Ellis (1889/IL - 1968/IL)

Daughter: Stella Mattie Ellis (1892/IL - 1988/IL)

Son: Elbert Roy Ellis (1899/IL - 1973/IL)

Son: Floyd Delbert Ellis (1903/IL - 1988/IL)

Daughter: Alma Ruby Ellis (1913/IL - 1997/IL)

History/Life Events

  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).

  Occupation: Farmer.


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1870 Jackson County IL Census

1880 Jackson County IL Census

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900

1900 Jackson County IL Census

Mt Pleasant Jerusalam Cemetery from 'Find A Grave' website

Outline Descendancy Tree from Diana Brooks


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