Source: Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900


Data entry has been done by Archives staff and volunteers working on mainframe terminals at the Illinois State Archives and by other volunteers who have entered hundreds of thousands of marriages at home on their personal computers. Currently the Marriage Index resides on the Secretary of State web server

The sources for this index include original county clerks' marriage records, such as marriage registers and licenses, as well as publications of county genealogical societies and private individuals. For each marriage, the index includes the names of the groom and bride, the date of the marriage or issuance of the license, the name of the county in which the marriage was performed, and a citation to the original record—volume and page number for registers or file number for licenses. Volume and page or license numbers are omitted in the index when published sources failed to provide this information.

Type: Record Index

Date: 1900-00-00


Pages that use this source:


Delilah A. Aaron

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Matilda Adams

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Benjamin Frank Ahl

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Martha Jane Clayton

Josephine Nancy Clowers

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Margaret Josephine Crowell

Martha Crowell

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William Rodman Crowell

Burphit Culley

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John Daniels

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Jacob Davis

Laura Catherine Davis

Leah Narcissa Davis

Mary Ann Davis

Hattie May Dickerson

Anna Belle Dillinger

Fanny Lucinda Dillinger

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Hannah Edwards

Bertha Jane Ellis

Ellen Lutecia Ellis

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Julia Ann Ellis

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Mary Elizabeth Emery

Moses Emery

Abram M. Etherton

Adelaide Haseltine Etherton

Adelaide L Etherton

Alonzo Etherton

Andrew Anderson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Andrew Jackson Etherton

Benjamin Franklin Etherton

Catherine Etherton

Charles Etherton

Charlotte Etherton

Charlotte Etherton

Clarinda Etherton

Cora Etherton

Cora Etherton

Cora Gertrude Etherton

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Elizabeth Jane Etherton

Elizabeth Jane Etherton

Elizabeth Jane Etherton

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Mary Ann Etherton

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Mary Jane Etherton

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Thomas Jefferson Etherton

Thomas Jefferson Etherton

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Zerilda E. Etherton

Josephine Farris

Laurinda Fisher

Mary Fisher

Sarah Malinda Fisher

Elizabeth Jane Fleming

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Chloe Foster

Minnie M. Fox

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Prince E. Fulmer

Bertha Florence Gaston

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Singleton H. Golliher

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Allen Douglas Grammer

Arabella Grammer

Elizabeth Grammer

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Lemma Grammer

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Louis Franklin Grammer

Myrtle Grammer

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Victoria Grammer

Margaret Elisa Gray

Marion L Greathouse

Missouri Arabell Greathouse

Roma Greathouse

George Henry Gregory

Abraham Lincoln Hagler

Allen Hagler

Allen Jackson Hagler

Alonzo Hagler

Andrew Hagler

Armentha Ellen O Hagler

Arthur Hagler

Barbara Hagler

Catherine Elizabeth Hagler

Clayborne Peter Hagler

Curtis Hagler

Daniel Newton Hagler

Delilah Hagler

Douglas Hagler

Easter Hagler

Edwin Hagler

Edwin L. Hagler

Eli Hagler

Elizabeth Ellen Hagler

Ephram Hagler

Etta Jane Hagler

George Hagler

George Hagler

George Lloyd Hagler

Gertrude Hagler

Harlan Jay Hagler

Harriet Hagler

Harrison Hagler

Henry A Hagler

Henry Amer Hagler

Henry Newton Hagler

Ida Mae Hagler

Isaac Hagler

Isaac H. Hagler

Isom Hagler

Izri Hagler

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John Hagler

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John Bluker Hagler

Joseph Hagler

Josephine Hagler

Josephine Hagler

Leah Hagler

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Leonard Hagler

Letha Hagler

Lizzie Hagler

Lucinda Hagler

Lucinda M. Hagler

Lydia Hagler

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Martha Ann Hagler

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Mary Elizabeth Hagler

Mary Ellen Hagler

Mary Ellen Hagler

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Mathias Hagler

Mathias Hagler

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Paul Hagler

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Peter Hagler

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William Jasper Hagler

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Abraham Moorehouse Hanson

Catherine Hanson

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Sylvester James Hanson

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Samuel Hargrave

Elvira Matilda Heiple

Thomas J. Henley

Mary Ann Henson

James G. Hicks

Mary Catherine Hicks

Alonzo Hiller

Catherine Hiller

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George Washington Hiller

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Betsy Ann Hooker

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Florence Elizabeth Jones

Frances Keith

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Mariah Susan Kennedy

Mary Jane Kennedy

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Alice M. King

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Margaret Ellen Lindsey

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