Harrison Floyd Tripp

Born: Tuesday, March 11, 1890 in Illinois

Died: Thursday, August 9, 1979

Buried: Dutch Ridge M. Baptist Cemetery, Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 89 years 4 months 29 days


Father:Andrew Jackson Tripp (1856/IL - 1927/IL)

Mother:Clarissa Arabelle Gregory (1866/IL - 1949)


Brother: Fountain E Tripp+ (1881/IL - 1963/IL)

Brother: William Rolla Tripp+ (1883/IL - 1969/IL)

Sister: Oliva Tripp (1886/IL - )

Sister: Flora Ethel Tripp (1888/IL - 1980/IL)

Sister: Elsie Edith Tripp (1892/IL - )

Sister: Deliah Belle Tripp (1894/IL - )

Sister: Julia Rebecca Tripp (1898/IL - 1987/IL)

Brother: Oran Orrian Tripp (1900/IL - 1992/IL)

Brother: Claude Houstin Tripp (1903/IL - 1973)

Brother: Denver C. Tripp (1908/IL - 1989/IL)


Name: Myrtle P. Nance (1899/IL - 1946/IL)


Daughter: Sylvia Tripp Ellis (1919/IL - 2019/IL)

Son: Harrison Sylvester Tripp (1931 - 1944)


1910 Jackson County IL Census

Julia Tripp Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1961

Claude Tripp Delayed Certificate of Birth, 1962

Dutch Ridge Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery from 'Find A Grave' website

Sylvia Jones Obituary


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