Samuel Etherton

Born: 1748 in Jamaica

Died: 1832 in Jackson County, Illinois

Lived: 84 years


Father:James E Etherton (1715/WL - 1781/VA)

Mother:Lucy Peterson (1736/VA - VA)


Name: Charlotte Conner (1752/TN - 1834/IL)


Son: Thomas Grantsor Etherton+ (1783/VA - 1847/IL)

Son: Joshua Etherton+ (1785/VA - 1835/MO)

Son: Samuel Etherton+ (1790/TN - 1846/IL)

Son: William T. Etherton+ (1793/TN - )

Son: Micajah Etherton+ (1795/TN - 1841/IL)


  Occupation: Farmer.


Samuel Etherton Received 150 Acres, TN, 1797

Joshua Eatherton buys 400 acres, TN, 1805

Samuel Etherton, 15 acres, Cocke County, TN, 1814

Samuel Etherton in Surveyor's Certificate, 1814

Samuel Etherton, 17 acres, Cocke County, TN, 1815

Samuel Etherton Land, TN, 1821

1830 Jackson County IL Census

A Genealogical History of 3 Pioneer Families of Jackson County, Illinois

Daffney Scherer

Chris Crow

Shared DNA & Shared Ancestor (Samuel Etherton) #001

Shared DNA & Shared Ancestor (Samuel Etherton) #002


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