William G. Etherton

Born: June 1860 in Tennessee

yDNA: R-M269 (inferred)


Father:Thomas Arnold Etherton (1832/TN - 1864/TN)

Mother:Louisa Powell (1822/TN - 1880)


Name: Sarah Adaline Henson (1859/NC - 1919/TN)

  Date: 12/28/1876 (age: 16 years 6 months 27 days)

  Place: Sevier County, Tennessee


Son: George P Etherton (1879/TN - )

Son: Thomas A Etherton+ (1880/TN - 1957/TN)

Daughter: Nannie E Etherton (1887/TN - 1968)

Son: James A Etherton+ (1889/TN - 1974/TN)

Son: Horace C Etherton+ (1890/TN - 1962/TN)

Son: Wilson L Etherton (1893/TN - )

Daughter: Ida V Etherton (1896/TN - 1963)

Daughter: Mattie B Etherton (1898/TN - )


  Descendant of a war veteran/patriot (see details).


1880 Sevier County TN Census

1900 Sevier County TN Census

Horace Caswell Etherton Obituary


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