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 This is our Etherton Family Genealogy. My dad got me started into genealogy when I was a kid and I have been at it ever since (more or less). The tools have changed quite a bit from when I used to visit the National Archives in downtown D.C. and writing actual letters to relatives. In 1995, I started this website with the hope of sharing what I have learned with anyone with an internet connection. I have enjoyed hearing from relatives who have found this effort interesting and informative.

 I owe a great debt of graditude to all those who contributed so much to the gathering of the family history. I acknowledge these sources at the bottom of each page in the "Sources/Contributors" section. Without all the time and effort of these, and their gracious sharing of information, what I have collected here would be far less complete.

 While great effort has been made to ensure accuracy, there are unintentional errors in this data. Occasionally I will see one and correct it. If you see any, please let me know. Also note that sources are occasionally incorrect, or even in conflict. This represents my best guess at the names, relationships, dates and places. Your own research may lead you to different conclusions. Enjoy!

Who is listed here?

 In short, 7829 of our relatives!

 The 28 most common surnames are (click here for the entire list of surnames...):

Etherton (1384)Louton (96)Pirtle (64)Hanson (52)
Hagler (410)Nausley (93)Todd (61)Williams (51)
Lipe (299)Lawson (88)Rains (58)Basden (44)
Ellis (141)Lindsey (86)Swindell (58)Haltom (43)
Grammer (139)Johnson (75)Crawshaw (57)Palmer (41)
Wakefield (108)Brewer (74)Holder (54)Cherington (38)
Hiller (99)Allen (68)Baseden (53)Hale (38)

 Another place to start, here are a few Outline Descendancy Trees:

John Allen, b:1754 NC Jacob Grammer, b:1780 VA Thomas Lawson, b:1793 TN
Ashton Brewer, b:1800 Isaac Hagler, b:1750 John Lipe, b:1763 NC
Jonathan Ellis, b:1782 SC Simon Hiller, b:1790 NY Joel Moutell, b:1837 FR
Moses Etherton, b:1760 KY William Horner, b:1806 NJ John Todd, b: 1787 GA
Samuel Etherton, b:1748 VA John Huffine, b:1841 OH Able Wakefield, b:1764 VA

On this day in our family history, March 23:

Elizabeth Bishop in 1802Adaline Lucinda Crowell in 1913
Samuel Hargrave in 1823Louise Elizabeth Haltom in 1917
Nancy Elizabeth Cox in 1835Ida A. Lindsey in 1936
Sarah Elizabeth Lipe in 1848Jonathan Douglas in 1953
Jonathan A. Lipe in 1872William Arthur Louton in 1956
George Otis Doolin in 1888General Sherman Moutell in 1957
Dollie Hannah Etherton in 1893Norman Virgle Pirtle in 1958
Lucian Jefferson Roberts in 1893Maggie Braswell in 1979
Media A. Thurman in 1893Alma Louise Travelstead in 1983
Jennie Fay Whitson in 1898Evelyn Marie Hagler in 2013
Archie Lee Hagler in 1906William Carroll Etherton in 2016
Ida Mae Baseden in 1908
Lena Matheny in 1914
Lindsey Dewey Louton in 1918
George Koenig & Lelia Burkey in 1918

The 16 most recent website updates (see all...):

Lorenzo D. Parker, March 22
Nathan Wayne Etherton, March 16
James H. Asa, March 19
Marvin Etherton, March 16
James Riley Lindsey, March 17
Limon Boyd Etherton, March 16
William Jeffery Etherton, March 16
Lee Roy Etherton, March 16
Ronald Lynn Etherton, March 16
Larry G. Etherton, March 16
Robert Lee Etherton, March 16
Joseph Benjamin Etherton, March 16
Otha Paul Etherton, March 16
Jimmie D Etherton, March 16
Naymon Lee Etherton, March 16
James Herman Etherton, March 16


 Here is something that is interesting... a chart of the distribution of the Etherton surname by state in 1990. It is interesting to note that the states with the highest concentration are Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Nebraska.

 For the 4045 people that are in the database that I know both birth and death dates, the average age at death is: 64.54 years. Oldest male lived to: 103.6. Oldest female lived to: 106.6. (More Stats...)



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